The Campaign

How to Participate

1. Accept the Challenge
1. Accept the Challenge
& Record a Video of you Hugging your hero
2. Share the Video
2. Share the Video & Challenge your Friends with the tag #HuggingHeroes
3. Make a donation to your Favorite pediatric Cancer Foundation
3. Make a donation to your Favorite pediatric Cancer Foundation

The Cause


Hugging Heroes

Hugging Heroes is a multi-charity campaign designed to promote awareness for pediatric cancer, and to inspire action to support the fight against it. The campaign is centered on a challenge: participants will record a video of themselves “hugging their heroes,” nominate friends to complete the challenge, and post the clips to social media. With your help, this campaign can change the way childhood cancer is viewed in America.

Hugs for Brady Foundation

Sherrie and Michael Wells started the Hugs for Brady Foundation in 2009, shortly after their 13 month old son, Brady Michael, was diagnosed with Non-Differentiated Acute Leukemia, a very rare form of leukemia. In 2010, Brady passed away at 23 months old, after he had bravely battled the disease for ten months. The Hugs for Brady Foundation is dedicated to helping children battling childhood cancers. Our moral compass has directed us to support children with cancer in any and every way possible.

Why Your Foundation Should Get Involved

Hugging Heroes is NOT solely a campaign for Hugs for Brady, we are looking to collaborate with as many organizations as possible to be certain that this campaign reaches as many people as it can. Hugs for Brady will not be the only charity to benefit from this campaign either, every charity that we partner with will have a page on our fundraising platform and will be able to raise money for themselves. We need other charities to help promote the campaign via social media so that it reaches as many people as possible!

If you want to partner with us all that we ask is that you help promote the campaign however you can. This campaign will:

– Raise awareness
– Inspire support
– Raise money
– Bring us one step closer to a cure

Something as small as a symbolic hug can have a tremendous impact  in today’s world because it brings this problem to the attention of the people, so please share this campaign with everyone you can, and help give our young heroes hope.

Our Partners

Contact us to get your foundation involved in our fundraising.

We’d also like to thank these amazing organizations
who are partnering with us to help cure pediatric cancer:

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